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One of the more common ailments with feet is something called athlete’s foot otherwise known as Tinea Pedi. Athlete’s foot is a condition caused by a fungal infection that develops a rash between the toes and can be very contagious.


Symptoms of Athlete’s foot include:

  • Dry rash – usually starts between the toes but can spread to other parts of the foot

  • Scratchy and itchy skin – can be mistaken for eczema

  • Blisters – some Athlete’s foot can develop blisters

Athlete’s foot can spread to hands and even your groin as the same bacteria that causes athlete’s foot also causes jock itch and ringworm. A wet moist area is a perfect place for athlete’s foot to grow. Wet feet combined with tight-fitting shoes is one such place also contaminated floors in public showers, locker rooms, public saunas, and pools.


Way to prevent Athlete’s foot include:

  • Wash your feet regularly with soap and water

  • Keep your feet dry – air your feet out especially after showers

  • Dry socks – change socks on a regular basis

  • Wear light and well-ventilated shows – allow the foot to breathe and dry if sweaty

  • Alternate shoes – allows shoes to air dry

  • Wear sandals – Especially in public places such as showers and pools

  • Antifungal powders – regularly use specific anti-fungal powders to protect against infection

While you can treat an athlete’s foot at home, you may still need to see a podiatrist if it doesn’t go away. Some cases of athlete’s foot will have to be treated medically with a specific prescription. Usually, in pill form, medicine can also be applied via a tablet, powder, liquid, spray or cream. Children, the elderly and pregnant women have to be careful when taking an antifungal medication. Make sure you consult with your podiatrist to ensure your safety.


If you believe you have athlete’s foot or have any other concerns about your feet, make an appointment with Dr. Anant Joshi of Advanced Footcare of NJ LLC. Call us at (973) 256-0002. We are located at 1031 McBride Avenue, Suite D-105, Woodland Park, NJ, 07424. You can also contact us at our email

Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS
Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS

As the leading podiatric surgeon at Advanced Foot Care of New Jersey, Dr. Anant Joshi strives to develop lasting relationships with patients in need of podiatric services as well as members of his community. Dr. Joshi frequently hosts lectures about foot and ankle care and dedicates his practice to ethical, honest, and respectful treatment.

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