Tolcylen Topical Treatment

Does foot fungus have you embarrassed to show off your feet? While foot fungus is an incredibly common condition, it’s still not always the easiest thing to talk about, even with your podiatrist! However, at Advanced Foot Care of NJ, LLC, we treat many patients with foot and nail fungal infections, and we’ve successfully helped them heal from this unsightly condition. 

Dr. Anant Joshi and his podiatric staff have an excellent option for you: Tolcylen topical treatment. 

Understanding Tolcylen

We don’t expect our patients to know what Tolcylen is right away, but it is a product that we’re happy to offer as an effective solution for foot fungus! Tolcylen topical treatment is a three-in-one topical cream that is applied directly to the impacted area. 

How it works: 

First, the treatment is an antifungal. That means that it starts to get rid of the foot fungus and helps to restore your feet and toenails to full health. 

Second, the treatment can also help restore the nails. Foot fungus can discolor the toenails and make them a yellowish hue. It may also cause the toenails to become brittle, making them easy to break and chip. Tolcylen can help to reverse this process and allow your body to grow healthy nails again.

Third, the makers of Tolcylen recognized that patients had an ongoing and potentially embarrassing issue with foot and nail fungus. They wanted to add a component to their product that would help you restore your nails’ appearance quickly. That is why they included jojoba oils and vitamin E. These ingredients help moisturize the nails so they look healthy once again. 

Traditional Toenail Fungal Treatment

Dr. Anant Joshi is excited to offer his patients this revolutionary new product. There are several other options available on the market that claim to treat foot fungus. However, most over-the-counter treatments don’t match the results of Tolcylen or only target one of the many issues caused by nail fungus. 

A Look Inside Tolcylen

Tolcylen is a medicated treatment that utilizes a 1% tolnaftate, 25% undecylenic combination to target the fungal infection. Additionally, the medication contains lactic acid, urea, and propylene glycol. The solution is delivered through a unique applicator that helps apply the medication directly to the toenail and surrounding tissue. This ensures that medication comes into direct contact with the fungus to destroy it and restore the feet. 

The applicator ensures that the right amount of medication is delivered to the affected area. Tolcylen dries quickly and has no odor. While Tolcylen dries once applied, the medication is securely stored and protected from the elements. If you carry it in a bag or purse, you don’t have to worry about spillage or premature drying.

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If you think that you have foot fungus, quick intervention is the best treatment solution. Dr. Anant Joshi and his talented staff at Advanced Foot Care of NJ, LLC can help get you the right treatment plan in place to rejuvenate your feet. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.