Tolcylen Topical Treatment

What to expect with TolcylenTM Solution use: 

Anti-fungal ingredients can take several months of daily use before affecting the fungal infections that can cause nail fungus. Once nail fungus has been eliminated, the new, healthy nail growth starts from the cuticle and spreads towards the tip of the nails. Unfortunately, anti-fungal ingredients work well on the skin but do not penetrate the nail surface on their own. Unlike other medications, TolcylenTM contains several penetrating agents that can provide access to the nail fungus. TolcylenTM also contains a combination of cosmetic and nail renewal ingredients that are proven to reduce or eliminate discolored, thickened, brittle and unhealthy looking nails, while also providing the nutrients and hydration needed for healthy nail growth. Some patients begin to see improvement in their nail appearance in as little as two weeks. Ask your physician about using TolcylenTM to prevent re-infections and as a daily nail renewal product. TolcylenTM Skin cream and Shoe Spray can be used to augment the preventive treatment. 

What makes TolcylenTM my best option for a topical treatment? 

  • Combination therapy eliminates the need for multiple products.
  • Patented Tru-FlowTM applicator tip effectively dispenses medication on the nail, the skin around the nail and under the edges of the nail.
  • Nail polish can be easily applied over the non-oily, fast-drying formulation.
  • Improves appearance and health of nails with fungus, trauma, or other nail conditions.
  • Contains no artificial preservatives.

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