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Bunions and hammertoes are highly common bone deformities among patients we see here at Advanced Foot Care of New Jersey. If you are dealing with either of these foot problems, Anant Joshi, DPM, AACFAS and Marc Kitrosser, DPM, FACFAS are here to help you. Discover how to determine if you should seek treatment for bunions in Woodland Park, NJ.

Bunions Q & A

What is a Bunion and How Do I Know If I Have This Foot Problem?

A bunion is a bone deformity that occurs on the joint on your big toe and/or little toe. If you have a bunion on your little toe this is called a bunionette. Bunions are noted as a bony bump emerging from the side of your foot. This condition is caused when your big toe is pressed against the toe next to it. This causes the big toe’s joint to grow excessively, which is noted by the bump on the surface. You may also experience redness and soreness on the site of the bunion. Reasons individuals get bunions vary. Some bunions are caused by wearing tight shoes that constrict the placement and movement of the toes. Other individuals have medical issues, such as arthritis, that causes bunions. You may also have a bunion because of a structural defect you inherited genetically.

What are Hammertoes?

Hammertoes are similar to bunions in that the toe is bent to resemble a hammer. This causes corns and calluses to grow on the joints of the misplaced toe. The difference between these two conditions is that hammertoes only occur within the three middle toes, while bunions occur on the big and little toes. If you have a hammertoe, Dr. Joshi or Dr. Kitrosser can use corrective treatments via orthotics to correct the bone structure of the toe. Surgery may be necessary if the toe does not respond to corrective measures.

Why Should I See a Podiatrist in Woodland Park, NJ to Treat Bunions and Hammertoes?

If your bunions or hammertoes are red and swollen it is time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anant Joshi or Dr. Marc Kitrosser, podiatrists in Woodland Park, NJ. These are signs of infection, which if left untreated can cause detrimental damage to your toes and foot. You may also have other complications to the bunion or hammertoe that require professional treatment. This includes bursitis, a painful condition in which the muscles, tendons, and cushion bones become inflamed. You may also have metatarsalgia, which is inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot.

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For the convenience of our patients, Advanced Foot Care of NJ works with most insurance plans, including those that offer both in- and out-of-network benefits. Most patients have insurance options that allow us to fully treat their podiatry conditions while respecting their healthcare budget. No matter your insurance coverage, it is wise to seek the specialized expertise that our doctors can provide.

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