Pediatric Foot Care

Proper foot health is an important factor in a child’s overall well-being. When you schedule annual physical exams, don’t forget the importance of including your podiatrist. Children can sometimes suffer from various foot conditions, and early detection will make all the difference in their treatment and recovery. 

If you’re searching for a podiatrist that you can trust, reach out to Dr. Anant Joshi at Advanced Foot Care of NJ, LLC. He has years of experience working with children to diagnose and treat common pediatric foot conditions. 

What is Pediatric Foot Care?

Children of all ages can benefit from quality podiatric care. Sometimes, children are born with certain deformities or conditions that can impact their ability to stand, walk, or run correctly. Dr. Anant Joshi wants to identify those issues as early as possible, so your little one has the best quality of life possible. 

Parents may be surprised to learn that numerous congenital defects can impact a child starting at birth. It may be difficult for people to identify the earliest warning signs of common conditions. Dr. Anant Joshi has years of experience treating numerous foot conditions, including:

  • Clubfoot

  • Flat feet

  • Heel pain

  • In-toe or out-toe walking

Of course, children are very active. They may be at higher risk for foot trauma or injury. Dr. Anant Joshi handles various sprains, strains, and broken bones. 

When to See a Pediatric Podiatrist

Don’t wait for your child to complain about foot pain or injuries. Be proactive in your little one’s development. Contact Advanced Foot Care of NJ, LLC right away if you notice any abnormalities. We suggest scheduling an appointment if the following is true of your child:

  • Not walking by 18 months

  • Has flat feet after the age of 7

  • Has a limited range of motion 

  • Has pain, swelling, or redness on the feet or ankles

Tips for Ensuring Quality Foot Health in Children

To ensure that your child is developing correctly, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind during their developmental stages. 


Even as young as infancy, certain activities will help promote healthy foot function and development. As your baby grows, consider the following activities:

  • Change the baby’s position regularly

  • Check the baby’s feet for deformity or irregularity 

  • Avoid tight foot covers that restrict movement

Doing these simple things may help your baby’s feet properly develop. If you notice any deformities or sudden changes, contact Dr. Anant Joshi right away. Early intervention could make all the difference in treatment and recovery. 

Toddlers/Late Childhood 

Parents should monitor their toddlers and young children to ensure that their feet are healthy and strong. A few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Notice your child’s walking pattern

  • Check for pain and swelling

  • Provide properly sized shoes

Children’s feet grow quickly, so it’s essential to identify changes along the way. Sometimes, foot conditions don’t show any initial symptoms, so regular check-ups can guarantee that your child’s feet are healthy and strong. Dr. Anant Joshi provides a comprehensive evaluation to determine that your child’s feet are growing normally. 

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