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If you’ve tried over-the-counter inserts, switching shoe styles or even changing socks, we understand the challenge of finding the solution to foot and ankle pain. While these are all options that may work temporarily, you need a custom solution. Here at Advanced Foot Care of NJ LLC, we recommend that patients consider custom-made orthotics as part of their treatment plan. Unlike over-the-counter options, these devices are made specifically to address personalized foot needs. In short, you won’t find this pair anywhere else.

Which kind of conditions can orthotic devices help?

If you have alignment issues, orthotics are very helpful for relieving pain and providing realignment. Misalignment can cause knee, foot, and lower back pain. These devices can help to realign bones in the foot or ankle and even take away stress from those sensitive areas that commonly cause pain. From plantar fasciitis to bunions and ulcers, you may have a solution. These devices provide cushion, comfort, and support. They are also designed to evenly distribute your weight, so say “goodbye” to extra pressure on your feet.

How do these custom devices work?

Since they are specially made for your foot needs, the first step is to schedule a meeting with a podiatrist. You will be evaluated and examined so that our office can gather all of the important details about the way you move, including the contours of your feet. Using advanced technology, our office creates your orthotics. Once you receive them, they can fit in most shoes; however, consult us if you have any questions. Among the many benefits of these devices is that they can be worn daily, and our patients can use them during the majority of their activities.

What’s one more benefit?

You get your money’s worth! Custom orthotics are not only effective but also long-lasting. On average, you can expect to wear your pair for at least a year.


Visit us today to see if orthotics can be a solution for you. Make an appointment online with Dr. Anant Joshi. You can also call our office at (973) 256-0002. We are located at 1031 McBride Avenue, Suite D-105, Woodland Park, NJ, 07424.

Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS
Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS

As the leading podiatric surgeon at Advanced Foot Care of New Jersey, Dr. Anant Joshi strives to develop lasting relationships with patients in need of podiatric services as well as members of his community. Dr. Joshi frequently hosts lectures about foot and ankle care and dedicates his practice to ethical, honest, and respectful treatment.

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