Chronic Tendonitis

It’s normal for people to feel pain or discomfort in their muscles or joints throughout their lives. Sometimes these issues are caused by temporary or minor problems, but it is crucial to know when you should seek medical advice. Tendonitis and particularly chronic tendonitis in the feet should be evaluated by a professional like Dr. Joshi and his team at Advanced Foot Care of NJ, LLC. Their expertise can help increase the chances that minor injuries do not develop into permanent damage. 

Understanding Tendonitis

The tendons are parts of your body that attach the muscles to the bone. As your muscles contract, the tendons pull on the bone to help your body move. The tendons and ligaments are made of connective tissue that is very rigid and durable but contains little elasticity. This means that they can handle incredible amounts of force.

However, too much tension on your tendons can result in tears or inflammation. Minor amounts of damage can heal and repair themselves quickly. Repeated or chronic injury to tendons can hinder your body’s ability to heal and may result in long-term damage. The foot has numerous joints and tendons, so it is no surprise that chronic tendonitis can frequently be found in the feet. 

Tendonitis is often called different names. You may have heard of terms such as quarterback shoulder, jumper’s knee, or tennis elbow. While these injuries are called other things and affect different joints, they are simply forms of tendonitis. In your feet, chronic tendonitis can affect the Achilles, peroneal, and posterior tendons. 

Causes of Tendonitis

Tendonitis is usually associated with an unnatural, forceful, or repetitive movement. In particular, repetitive motions that are done with poor body mechanics can lead to tendonitis. These actions can include:

  • Standing for long periods of time with poor shoes or improper posture

  • Inadequate healing from previous tendon injuries

  • Forcefully throwing a baseball or other object

  • Running frequently or for long distances

While these examples outline injuries resulting from recreational or athletic activities, it can also occur due to repeated movement resulting from your profession. Many painters, factory employees, or physical laborers can experience tendonitis at higher instances than employees in other industries. This is due to repeatedly standing on surfaces that lack padding. 

Identifying Tendonitis

One of the first ways you can identify tendonitis is pain or discomfort when you walk or move a specific joint. This pain often begins as a mild sensation, but will increase with continued use or damage. Mild tendonitis can usually heal on its own, but long-term or chronic pain suggests that it’s time to enlist the help of a professional. Several types of injuries or sprains can occur at the joint, so it is crucial to get the proper diagnosis so that your treatment has the best chance of success. 

Treating Chronic Tendonitis

Minor inflammation or injury to the tendons can frequently be resolved with the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) approach. There may be some additional steps that Dr. Anant Joshi will recommend. More advanced injuries may require the intervention of some types of pain medication or movement restrictions. In some cases, stretches or a physical therapy program may be suggested to rebuild the strength and condition of your tendons. 

In extreme injuries, you may be a candidate for tendonitis surgery. The approach of these surgeries can vary based on the location or type of injury. However, they typically target the damaged tendon and remove excess tissue or scar tissue from the tendon, and aim to help repair the underlying damage. 

The recovery from each type of surgery depends on which joints are affected and the amount of work required. You should expect some time where you aren’t permitted to walk so the injury can heal. 

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