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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

Start your week on a positive note – with Dr. Joshi in ‘Conversations with Joan’ New York AM970!

Joan Herrmann and Dr. Joshi are both passionate about giving back to society and helping others whenever possible. That common goal propelled Dr. Joshi to join the group of experts in various fields that strive to make a positive change in people’s lives – CYACYL.

Joan Herrmann is the founder of a multimedia communications company and hosts Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life’s radio show and podcast, Conversations with Joan. Her guests and magazine contributors list reads like a who’s who of the most influential and inspirational people in the world. 

We are proud that Dr. Joshi, as a leading podiatric expert, is part of the team that not only educates but also inspires you to lead a healthier life. Change Your Attitude Change Your Life provides the tools needed not only for personal and professional growth, but for improved health. 

We invite you to join Dr. Joshi & Joan Herrmann in their informative, educational and inspirational conversations on New York’s AM970

Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS
Dr. Anant Joshi DPM, DABPM, AACFAS

As the leading podiatric surgeon at Advanced Foot Care of New Jersey, Dr. Anant Joshi strives to develop lasting relationships with patients in need of podiatric services as well as members of his community. Dr. Joshi frequently hosts lectures about foot and ankle care and dedicates his practice to ethical, honest, and respectful treatment.

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