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Podiatry for Children?

Many people think that children are too young to see a podiatrist. One common myth is that children will eventually outgrow any foot or ankle pain they experience. This view is not only wrong but also harmful to a child’s future development. At Advanced Footcare of NJ LLC, we welcome children of all ages, including infants and toddlers. Consider the health of your child — from their head to their toes — and take these steps to promote healthy feet and ankles.


When you think of an infant, it may be hard to imagine what to do before they hit movement milestones. On the contrary, there are many things that you can do in the earliest days of your child’s development. One piece of advice is to loosely cover a baby’s feet to allow free movement. In fact, if they’re not walking yet, avoiding shoes and socks is a great option; if a child is walking, protect their feet by keeping them covered.

Toddlers and Late Childhood

As your child learns to walk, pay attention to their walking patterns or any changes to their feet.

  • If you notice that their feet are turning inwardly or outwardly, there may be another cause for this walking pattern.
  • If you notice any swelling or foot pain, don’t consider these symptoms as normal.

Each day, your child is growing and developing. This includes their feet.

  • While parents often keep up with growing sizes for clothes, changing shoe sizes can fall to the bottom of their list.
  • If you’ve noticed that your child has experienced a growth spurt, this includes their feet, too. Take them to get their feet measured and purchase a new size.

We know that you care about your child’s overall health, and we are here to help with their feet and ankles. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your child’s developing feet. Make an appointment online with Dr. Anant Joshi or Dr. Marc Kitrosser or call our office at (973) 256-0002. Our Passaic County office is located at 1031 McBride Avenue, Suite D-105, Woodland Park, NJ, 07424.

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