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Before The Holidays, Test Your Blood Sugar

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are quickly approaching, and the temperatures are dropping. Did you also know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month? At Advanced Footcare of NJ LLC, we know first-hand how patients with diabetes experience complications that impact their feet and ankles. Before you begin to make your holiday plans, we want to make sure that you’re diabetes-aware.

What is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a condition that is characterized by high blood sugar or glucose levels. Symptoms include thirst, frequent urination, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, blurred vision and sores that take longer than usual to heal.

How can I find out if I have diabetes?

Through a quick and easy test at your doctor’s office, you can have confidence in your status. Schedule an appointment and ask for a blood sugar test.

I have a family member with diabetes. Does that mean I will have diabetes, too? 

You are not guaranteed to have diabetes because a family member also has the condition. However, your risk has increased, so it’s important to remain proactive about your health.

I just learned that I am prediabetic. What’s next? 

It’s not too late to fight against diabetes. You can reduce your risk by doing the following:

  • Exercise weekly
  • Eat healthy and balanced food options
  • Stay in communication with your doctor
  • Monitor your weight

What are some ways that my feet are impacted by diabetes? 

One of the biggest ways that your feet can be impacted stems from a condition known as peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage. Additionally, people who have diabetes experience poor blood circulation and a weakened immune system. If a patient gets a cut or bruise, nerve damage delays their ability to notice the injury. Over time, an injury can worsen into non-healing wounds such as foot ulcers.

Don’t enter the new year without knowing if you’re at risk for developing diabetes. Make an appointment with Dr. Anant Joshi or Dr. Marc Kitrosser. Call our office at (973) 256-0002. We are located at 1031 McBride Avenue, Suite D-105, Woodland Park, NJ, 07424.

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