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  • Stretching in 2020
    We see many sports injuries that could have been prevented. Let us help you avoid these complications. Read more
  • Podiatry for Children?
    Many people think that children are too young to see a podiatrist. One common myth is that children will eventually outgrow any foot or ankle pain they experience. This view is not only wrong but also harmful to a child’s future development. Read more
  • Before The Holidays, Test Your Blood Sugar
    It’s that time of year again! The holidays are quickly approaching, and the temperatures are dropping. Did you also know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month? At Advanced Footcare of Read more
  • Beating Bulging Bunions
    If you have a bump on the side of your big toe, you may have something called a bunion. Caused by unnatural pressure on the MTP or metatarsophalangeal joint on Read more
  • Treating Common Sports Injuries
    With the onset of Fall comes several sports including Lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. Each requires hard work and dedication. No matter what the sport, though, there is always the chance of an injury especially to an athlete’s feet. Read more
  • Diabetic Footcare
    Taking care of your feet is always important, but perhaps one of the most serious conditions related to your foot health is diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition Read more
  • Healing Heel Spurs
    One of the more common problems a person can develop is a heel spur. What is a heel spur? A heel spur is a bony protrusion at the front of Read more
  • Treating Plantar Fasciitis
    One of the more common foot problems is something called Plantar Fasciitis or the painful inflammation of the area where the heel connects to your toe bones. Most painful early Read more
  • Treating Athlete's Foot
    One of the more common ailments with feet is something called athletes foot otherwise known as Tinea Pedi. Athletes foot is a condition caused by a fungal infection that develops a rash between the toes and can be very contagious. Read more

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